Where can I find API documentation?

Our docs live here

Are API calls for testnet and mainnet counted separately?

No, API limits are an aggregate of all calls across all endpoints for a specific network.

What is a dedicated node?

A dedicated node is a node that we specifically spin up and maintain just for you. Use it with confidence knowing that you are the only person issuing it requests.

What endpoints are exposed on your dedicated nodes and on what ports?

For information about API endpoints take a look at our docs

Tendermint RPC26657
Cosmos gRPC9090
Cosmos REST1317

Do you support archive nodes?

Yes our API comes with archive support by default. Our dedicated nodes offer archive options as well.

What Canto EVM RPC calls can I make?

We run our nodes with the following namespaces eth,net,web3

More information about namespaces can be found here